Song From an Open Book is actually one of the most beautiful albums I’ve ever heard. Every song is so familiar, but there’s such a rawness that makes them feel all new again. It’s like I’m hearing my favorite songs, and all the songs that have gotten me through life, in the way they were always intended to be heard. My goodness, I cannot get over this album.

MBTI + HP characters: 4. Luna Lovegood

"INFPs are true idealists. They have an interesting and unique take on the world. Highly intuitive about people, and typically curious and open-minded. INFPs are also gifted with a creative spark that allows them to generate new, unconventional and even revolutionary ideas. They are intelligent and passionate and deal well with the unexpected."

maybe one day you’ll understand why everything you touch surely dies.

“What’s great, is that each character I’ve played has looked very different, so I’m not walking around with blond hair and my abs out like I am in Hunger Games. I kind of live incognito, in a great way.” (x)


Sophia out in Chicago last friday - Sep 12,2014

first url: noooooo don’t ask me this haha I’m literally so boring when it comes to urls. (It was georgiedavey)

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Well my current most liked and reblogged according to tumblr are:

- aniryllis
- charliesawyer
- insanedreams
- amortentiaforenemies
- redbedroomgirl
- complexgirl
- headedforacliff
- rkloveobsession
- haleyjamessscott

but in terms of tumblr crushes, I follow so many amazing blogs :’) (including yours btw!)

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maiammitch replied to your post: There’s a lyric from this old-school …

gorgeous as always georgie

aww thank you darling :)!